What I’ve been up to.

Today is the first day of my Easter Holidays and I had an assignment to work on, on word press where we document what we do for this one class, and I thought how come I don’t document all the other things that go on around here so I decided to set up this one πŸ™‚

Well all that has been going on lately is college, college and more college, besides that the only outlet has been partying I guess.

Partying with the guys from Funshaughlin and the gang from College.

Also I’ve noticed the amount of Birthdays in March and April is through the roof, the level of sex going on must rise over the summer some what πŸ™‚

12 bithdays in 8 weeks its pure crazy!!!

I’m going to put up pictures of the parties for the birthday People.

Monika at her 18th in Dorans

Monika enjoying her 18th very much.

Me and Jules at Monikas 18th, sadly I couldnt make it to Jules birthday :(

Me and Jules at Monikas 18th, sadly I couldnt make it to Jules 20th 😦

Richies and Neils Birthday in Doyles

Siobhan and me at Richies and Neil birthday

This was us in Doyles for Richies and Neils 21st

Us girls out for Clives 23rd in Porter House and Sin Night Club

Clive Siobhan and Grace

These are two pictures of Clives Birthday, the 1st one is the gang meeting up in Porter House, then its us in Sin Night Club, that was our first time to Sin and I now know why it is called that!!

Ha so I know that isn’t 12 birthdays but some peoples birthdays I couldnt make it to, some havent happened yet and one friend has moved to America for a few months so she wont be here to celebrate 😦 or to make it to mine 😦

I do feel real bad when I can’t make it but I dont have enough money to go out, silly resession and having no job 😦

It’s still very early in April and I will upload pics to them as I go to them.


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