Yup…. it’s winter.

Ireland has just been issued a warning for her first big freeze of the season, this weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop to -10C. For Ireland this is pretty extreme. Snow is expected and as usual the country won’t be ready to handle a couple of inches of the white stuff and life will come to a halt. Which for someone of us that isn’t a bad thing, it just means a few days off college. The only problem is if college isn’t cancelled and I’m snowed in.

Now I don’t just want to talk about the weather. I know in my last post I said I would update on Halloween but I’m not going to I lost total momentum. I’ll jut put in some pictures here for you all to look at.

Pirates AArgh

Witchy Woman

Vampire make up

Not much new to report still looking to dye my hair a more saturated red for winter. So far it seems I should go to a professional for this task. It could be done at home but the process looks complicated a hair dye virgin like myself.

Also I’m still looking for ways to get tattooed for free. People have suggested going to newbie’s who need skin to practice on but that’s not an option! So far the best idea has been knives and a ball point pen haha.
Also I don’t know what tattoo to get. I have 5 (will post pics below) but they are standard girly tattoos. I want something badass… something they cool girls tattoo to themselves.(I can pretend to be badass and cool too then)

This pic was taking right after I got this done

Oh I do have news, I took my driving test and failed. I’m not surprised I failed(I coast alot) just what he failed me on.
And he didn’t take me to any roundabouts?
Also during the question and answer section, when I would answer his question he cut off mid sentence.
I want to know if anyone else has experiences where they genuinly believe something doesn’t add up in their test?

Also I was on the Victoria Frances website last night. It is in Spanish but you don’t need to now the language to navigate the site and enjoy the gallery. I recommend you guys have a look.


Take Care All



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