What I did on my Summer Holidays by Leanne Sheridan

We all remember having to write these essays when we would return to school, and it’s the returning to college for my final year that has me thinking about this Summer just ending.
Not much has changed, if I wrote an essay now it would be very similar.
This was my last Summer having an entire 3 months off. No job, no school, no worries, no cares, and I’m very sad to say I wasted most of it. I have no good reason for wasting my time I just did. Who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to be so feckless with an entire season again. If I do though I wont take it for granted. I miss the world of work. Then again I also miss the world of day to day human interaction! Another thing I took for granted before I moved to the country-side.

These past few months have not been completely uneventful. Some people say it is only when we are lost do we find ourselves and I have to agree. I’ve never felt more prepared or eager to re-join the world. So why haven’t I up dated my blog in months? I have no good reason but I look forward to up dating it more and more from now on.

One quick note of something awesome I did do since I last posted here. I moved to London for 3 months with college and got a matching tattoo. Im the foot on the left.

Im the one with the blue/green nail polish.