New tattoo coming soon

This is very cliche for a girl to get and I don’t care.

It wont look exactly like that but Im just putting up a pic to give yous and idea.

And the reason I’m getting it is because it is pretty and it was my b-day last week and I have a bit of money.

I watch tv shows like L.A , Miami and London Ink and I cannot stand the way everyone gets so emotional over the tattoos. I get that most people have a story behind their ink and thats fine but why do they have to share it on tv and get emotional? I watch the show to see the work being done not to see people getting emotional. If I wanted that I could watch something like Dr. Phil or some crap like that.

So I have no big long emotional story behind this tattoo. It is pretty and I am looking forward to having it as part of my body for the rest of my life it will be a welcomed edition.

And I will up date with a picture of it once it is done.


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