This is NOT a fashion and beauty piece.

Hi all,

ok so I just wanted to throw up a quick post about two things I have come across that I think deserve mentioning as well as my thumbs up.

I’m not going to start posting about fashion or beauty or trends. I am a girl and I do love clothes and shoes and make up and general girly things but I do not understand “trends” and “fashion”. I like what I like and here are two things I like.

As a red head I have very pale skin and as a woman I tend to get red rosey patches on my face esp around the nose, chin and eyes. I’m told this is a hormonal thing among women, this still does not change the face that it is annoying.

Benefit Bluffdust

Benefit Bluffdust

First thing I would like to talk about!
On my birthday just gone a ffriend got a me a voucher for BT2 here in Ireland. I cannot stand BT2 or their “up their own holes” sales staff BUT they do have a Benefit counter where they girls could not be nicer! (and I don;t care that they are paid to be nice). After about 20 mins of disucssing my skin type and trying differnt products on I ended up buying “Benefit Bluffdust redness concealing powder”

At first glance this powder looks very pale and yellow but once it is applied to the face using the puff that comes with it, it blends in very naturally and really covers the red areas without being heavy or cakey. Now I did ask when buying this could I used it just as a powder over mouisterised skin and I was advised against it but I used it on nude skin anyway just on the areas that are red and really works. So this product gets two thumbs up from me as does the girl who sold it to me.
And at 25.99 I think it is a bargin.

The second item I want to talk about it something I seen in a Kandee Johnson You Tube video over a year ago but I couldn’t get it out of my head. The thing I can’t remember who makes, I do know it is an American product and is hard to get here in Ireland.
The Zebra Eye Shaddow Palette.

Zebra Palette

Zebra Palette

I do know there is a make up and hair style suppliers in Cork that sells these, unfortunately I cant remember what they are called. But they are a boutique shop that looks uber expensive! Maybe someone out there can tell me what the shop is called?
Anyway I wish I had one of these I have so many pots of eye shadows that they take up so much room and to have this holder(which has a magnetic back to hold the eyes shadows in place) would be a blessing.
They do come in plain colours and other patterns but this one is my favourite.
Two thumbs up for sure.

Have a good day everyone xx


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