Dear Santa…..

It is official yours truly is in love….

Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for all the gifts you have given me over the years. I’m sorry it’s been over 10 years since I wrote but I’ve been very busy, I’m sure you know what that is like. I hope you, Mrs Claus and all the reindeer are doing well. I have been very good this year and working really hard in college. I got 84% on my last test. This year I would really like this dog!

I know that is alot to ask but I promise I will take great care of him, feed him, walk him and love him every day.
If you are worried about the size of him I don’t mind taking him as a pup like this …. See this one is really small he wouldn’t even take up that much room on your sleigh.
Thank you very much.
See you at Christmas.

Leanne x

P.S. Before people start saying the obvious…. it’s way too early to write Santa, Halloween hasn’t even past yet. I know,  but I love this dog and I want my letter to get to there early so Santa has time to pick out the perfect dog for me.


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