Negative Exposure – An Irish Nude Photography Exhibition.

Quick Bio and Background of the event.

On the night of November 28th, myself and two friends headed into the Big Smoke to Negative Exposure. It was a first for all of us, we had never been to a fully nude photography exhibition before.  Overall we loved it, and I know personally it was an eye opener and an inspiration.  In the exhibition each wall was covered with images by two photographers, hanging from the roof were three body casts of each model and spread around the room were old fashioned vintage armchairs(which I loved).

Two photographers..

Douglas Ross

Karol Liver

 ..and three models

Rachel Lally                    Spunky Gore                 Juchi

The space

La Catedral Studios
La Catedral Studios

The Exhibition

Click on image to view their facebook page

On the night

I took these images with my phone and of course they don’t do the photographs any justice.
These images are of Douglas Ross’ and Karol Liver’s work…. looking back I wish I took note of the name of each photograph.
His photographs are amazing and to me they are very fantasy based which I love so I was very happy.

My favourite photograph

Anyone who knows me at all would guess that this one would be my favourite. The name alone caught my interest.
I love mermaids
(in fact as I type this The Little Mermaid is on in the back ground).
Aside from the name we can still see it is a beautiful image, the pose is amazing(that is one dedicated model to lay on stones), the location is stunning. We can’t see from this mobile pic of the photograph, but at the top of the picture there is a cave. I love the colours, the pale background, the green tint on the stones and the contrast of the models skin. There are so many reasons why this is my favourite.

The Discussion After

was really interesting, I had never been to anything like it before. It was an eye opener about so many things. Not only about the subject in hand and the meaning of the exhibition but how people can have such strong opinions and opposing ones, yet no fight broke out. I wasn’t brave enough to say anything when I didn’t agree or agree with other people, I was annoyed with myself for not saying anything, but I was nervous. Other people were able to articulate their thoughts so well, on demand I knew I couldn’t so the same. On the way home in the car I had plenty to say and I could say it well, always the way ha.

So to conclude this post, I loved this exhibition!


2 thoughts on “Negative Exposure – An Irish Nude Photography Exhibition.

  1. Ok so now i’ve discovered your blog I’m going to be commenting on EVERYTHING! Sorry in advance, this exhibition looks amazing – such beautiful photos – who says nudity is wrong. All of these women are so beautiful! What’s funny about you is you’re a fire sign, but you love the water and everything about it so much, it must be an influence from your mam who’s a water sign like me but with the scorpion sting in the tail (I had mine surgically removed 🙂

    • Please don’t apologise I love comments. Ha yeah it is funny I love water, but mam loves fire. She would jump into the fire if she could and I would live in the sea if I could. I’ll say nothing about the sting scorpios can have lol. I’m Leo’s can have a nasty bite though lol

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