Chirstmas in the pipeline.

I’m going to do something very predictable and blog about Christmas, I’m doing this because I’m really grateful for this holiday. Winter is so gloomy and depressing that if I couldn’t have the house decorated with fairy light and bright decorations I would go mad. I know it is very commercial and more about the presents than the Birth of Christ. I’m not Catholic , my family are and I love to celebrate with them. It is a time when the family is forced together and I love it! To have noise in the house and a huge dinner on the table! What’s not to love.

I also want to do a 12 day of Christmas blog, a blog every day for 12 days about this holiday. I do know that the 12 days of Christmas starts on the 25th until the 6th of Jan but I want to do this before hand. Just going to be something Christmassy that’s brings a smile to my face and I hope it will for some of you out there too.

Also with my Dad’s permission I want to put up some of his winter photographs, they are very beautiful. He would make a great photographer if he was arsed.

Happy Holidays Xx


2 thoughts on “Chirstmas in the pipeline.

    • Haha thank you, I’m already on the 5th day of Christmas post and I haven’t put up any of his pics I haven’t even asked him just don’t have the time, the only reason I have the time for these posts, is becauseI wrote them weeks and they are just waiting for me to click the publish button each day. I think between Steven’s day and New Year I will post his pictures up, want to add a watermard to them first though.

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