The Savvy Shopper

NB: Please read to the very end.

So I think I have moved from a slightly less Shallow Shopper to a Savvy one.  With recession this and recession that and with me not finding millions of dollars/pounds/euros, we need to be more conscience about what we pay for items. Now before I lead you astray I’m no guru with everyday essentials unfortunately I’m still a bit of an impulse buyer but the spending is much lower.

Example One: Greek Style One Shoulder Chiffon Floor Length Dress.

Floor Length Chiffon Greek Style Dress

Floor Length Chiffon Greek Style Dress

Original Price : 400 dollars
I paid: €35  (44 dollars)
Amount Saved: 356 dollars

Example Two: Monsoon Noah Dusky Pink Silk Cocktail Dress.

Monsoon Cocktail Dress

Monsoon Cocktail Dress

Original Price: €259
I paid: €38
Amount saved: €229

Example Three (Not as impressive but still a good deal I think): Tie Dye Print High Neck Midi Dress.

Tie Dye Dress from

Original Price: €27
I paid: €17
Amount saved: €10

For Halloween: Giant Pumpkin 1 Euro!!!

I managed to get the items on great discount through Ebay and and I bought them all Brand New With Tags so they are not second hand.  I can tell you are about state that these items are not a bargain if I don’t need them, but I made use for them.
The pumpkin as you can see was skilfully hollowed out and crafted by my Dad. The Pink dress I wore to my aunt’s wedding last September. The Tie Dye dress I will wear for Christmas ……….. but the Greek Style Dress…… this dress I would love to wear for my Aunt Graces Wedding coming up.

UPDATE: Just bought a new dress yesterday online from

Lena Knit Dress in Red

Lena Knit Dress in Red

I saved 10% on this dress by going to and typing in iclothing. There are other sites such as that also give out discount codes. Another thing is iclothing gives a 15% discount to students. There are other sites that give this offer too but it’s not usually advertised well so always check the links at the bottom of the web page.


Sports Bra on

45BraDiscount Bra

Original Price: €45
I Paid : €19
Saved: €26

I bought it on marked down from £35 to £16 aka €19


Pair of Swarovski Zirconia Earrings

Swarovski Zirconia Earrings

Orginal Price: €62
I Paid : €9
Saved: €53

It pays off to keep an eye out for a good deal.

Thanks Everyone


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