Garnier Olia – Review

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour 6.60 Intense Red

Garnier Olia 6.60 Red

Garnier Olia 6.60 Red

So let’s get started. I disclose now I am no hair expert. I only started dying my hair a year ago, but since then I’ve stuck to red and used a variety of different products. I saw an ad for this about 2 weeks ago and my hair was loosing it’s saturation as will happen with red hair dye. So when I saw how vivid and intense the colour was on the ad, I was pretty eager to try it out.

I headed down to my local pharmacy and picked up a bottle for 6Euro (pretty decent price). I checked the examples on the back to see what my hair colour would most like to turn out as and the box insisted that my hair would turn out closest to the picture on the box. YAY!

So I brought it home and got everything set up. There are the usual lotions and potions. The developer and the colour were the main parts. I mixed the two and the first thing I notice was there wasn’t as lot of the product in the bottle and that it didn’t turn very red in the bottle. With other Garnier and L’orel products the hair dye turns a dark red once you begin to mix. This turn a kind of orange. I was worried so I checked the colour tube bottle and yes I was using 6.60 Intense Red. So I applied it the way they had instructed with the applicator that I didn’t really like. The product did mange to cover all my hair and by the time I was finished it was petty saturated in colour. So I left it there for 4o minutes (they recommend 30).

Washed it out using their special conditioner.
Voila…. you might be thinking????

Far from! The hair dye made little to no difference to my hair colour, I was a brownish red before I am a brownish red now. It doesn’t even smell nice like other hair dyes. My advice is stay away from this one. it was total and utter crap!!!!!

This was my hair BEFORE and I am not even bothering to put up an after because there is NO change!

Leanne Sheridan Garnier Olia

My hair before I dyed it with día de los muertos makeup.

Please excuse the make up, this was the last pic I have from before I dyed my hair. I was practising make up for my sister.

Next week I am going to dye/tint my hair with Pravana – Chroma Silk in red. I will post before and after pics so you can see the difference.

Take Care Xx

UPDATE: The conditioner that came with this is actually pretty good. Been using it along with a mint and tea tree shampoo and it conditions the ends really well. Colour was still terrible.


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