Psoriasis Treatment – Background

So this a post about trying to treat Psoriasis (and to lesser extent rosacea and acne) naturally.

Some background on my skin. I have been suffering on and off with acne for about 12 years. Eventually when I was 17 I was put on a course of Dianette to balance out my hormones and thus clear up my skin. My skin did improve but it never fully cleared. Depending on the time of month, what I was eating/ drinking and my skin care routine; my skin would go from clear-ish to full blown painful spots.

I gave up the Dianette about 3 years ago. It is a harsh drug with side effects that just weren’t worth it any more. Since then I have been trying to find a more natural way to treat my skin.

When I first came off the drug I was very strict on my diet, I lost 3 stone (42 pounds/ 19 Kg), over a Summer of 3 months. I had a very healthy diet, no alcohol, no processed sugar, minimal bread, lots of water, fruity tea and apple cider vinegar. And as a result my skin cleared up about 95%

Leanne Sheridan Clear Skin

Clear Skin

Then I went back to college and after about 6 months the stress got to me and I began to drink a mountain of coffee( with sugar), energy drinks and I ate quick and easy processed foods. The weight piled back on and my skin got worse. Also as the stress mounted my skin began to break out in patches of rashes.
By my final year in college my arms, legs, scalp, stomach, back and forehead were covered in tiny patches of red itchy bumpy skin. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with psoriasis. Never had it in my life, I never had any rashes or problems with my skin (besides acne).

I went on a course of oral and topical steroids straight away. I was on and off these treatments for about 4 or 5 months. Each treatment could be carried out for no longer than 10 days or I would end up with permanent skin damage. Each treatment would clear the area for about 5 or 6 days then it would come back worse. To the point my scalp was so sore and full of scabs I was on more steroids to reduce the risk of my skin becoming infected. (I was very tempted to shave all my hair off but for the fact I used my bangs to cover the red patches on my forehead).

Then of Halloween 2011 I happened across a stall in a street fair in Virginia call Aalgo.


I had seen them at different street fairs but though nothing of it till then. They advertised they could help psoriasis. I had a talk with the woman at the stall and came home with a 500g drum of powder seaweed. It took about 3 weeks of treatments everyday but the difference was amazing. I used it in my baths, as a facial and as a mud on my scalp and the rest of my skin. The difference was unbelievable.

Here I am 15 months later and my back, legs, stomach and forehead are completely clear. I do still have problems with my scalp and I have a patch on each forearm that developed about 6 months ago. Lately though they are been clearing.
I don’t think all my recovery was down to the seaweed, alot of it is down to lifestyle. Once I finished college and the stress was relieved that made a big difference too. I do think alot is also down to my diet and exercise (or major lack there of).

Another school of thought is that it could be my bones that are causing the problem. Recently I accompanied a relative to a chiropractor and the chiropractor himself told me I needed some adjustments and that he has a great treatment for psoriasis. I am a bit sceptical about this line of “treatment” I have never heard of it before and it is expensive and about 55km from where I live.  It is  a road to go down if all else fails.

Since then I went to a day spa and had a full body seaweed wrap. I explained to the beautician that I use seaweed myself to manage the psoriasis and she recommended to me to drink Willow Water. I had never heard of it before she she and her Mother drink it (they have the same skin problems as me).

Read my next post to learn more about Willow Water and the Willow Water Challenge.


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