My First Time with Burt’s Bees

So like alot of females out there I have been hearing things about Burt’s Bees products. From word of mouth, to Facebook, Twitter and reviews on YouTube there is a constant din surrounding Burt and his Bees.

Eagerly I search shops and on-line stores for which products to get and and at the best prices.

I came to the conclusion that I had to have The Citrus Facial Scrub (2oz). 11.05Euros

Burt's Bee Facial Scrub

Burt’s Bee Facial Scrub

I have never come across a bad word said against this products, regardless of skin type.
Then I decided on the Radiance Healthy Glow Kit. 16.58Euros
It is coming into Spring and Summer and who doesn’t want a healthy glowing complexion.

Burt's Bee Radiance Healthy Glow Kit

Burt’s Bee Radiance Healthy Glow Kit


I ordered the items from Feel Unique . Delivery was included in the price and the items were delivered so quick I was super excited. The post lady came to my house on a Monday morning with a huge box. I opened it up and it was full of foam pieces and two tiny boxes. I was expecting the size of the Facial Scrub I had seen it in shops and I know that you only need the smallest amount to clean the skin. But I was not expecting how small the Kit would be!!

Burt's Bees Delivery

Burt’s Bees Delivery

Burt's Bee Radiance Glow Kit

Burt’s Bee Radiance Glow Kit


Was the facial scrub worth the price?? YES!! The facial scrub is AMAZING. Smells to die for. Feels so good and my skin is so smooth and clean after. I have such sensitive skin, but this is gentle enough to use everyday. I don’t use it every day but if I wanted to I could.

The Kit on the other hand was disappointing. I spent 16.58 on a few sample sizes!! Now don’t get me wrong the cleanser,  eye cream and lib balm are lovely. The night cream and daily lotion weren’t good at all. They were both greasy and did not absorb into the skin well. Plus there was no glow as the product boasted.  I would buy the cleanser and facial scrub again no problem. But over all I was very let down with the healthy glow kit.


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