Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red Ultra Colour – Review

Before I get into this post I want to share that I have used Garnier before both the Nutrisse and the Olia. Both have been red colours and you can read the post for the Nutrisse Intense Red here and the Oila post here.

This Review is for Garnier Nurtisse 7.64 Intense Red Copper. I bought it in a pharmacy in Cavan, Ireland for 6euros.

Garnier Nutrisse Red

Garnier Nutrisse 7.64 Intense Copper

I do like Garnier over all. I think their product is good for the price and not too damaging on the hair. Their reds rarely turn out like the model on the box even if your hair colour is quite similar to the models. The hair of the models have been digitally altered to look like that (if you look close enough to some of the models on the different boxes you can see where they have missed strands of hair). If you are happy enough to take this dye with a pinch of salt you should be happy with your results.

tester1 tester2

You can see in the above pics my hair is a light – medium reddish brown already. It is difficult to see in the second picture but my hair colour is very similar to models own hair colour before the dye was added.

The process is really simple, the pack contains the normal lotions and potions.

Garnier Nutrisse 7.64

The colour, the developer, conditioner, gloves and instructions. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow and of course you should do a 48 hour patch test if you have not used this before or you have sensitive skin. This is another reason why I like this range, I have mentioned before in other posts I have psoriasis on my scalp and this dye in no way aggravates my skin.

It says to leave on for about 35 mins if you have alot of greys or resistant hair, mine was on for about 50 mins because the shower was in use when it came time to rinse off.

So here is the before


And after


The top of my head is very close to the colour on the box which is great, but it leads me to my next problem with this product. I consider my hair to be very average, average length just past my shoulders and average thickness. Yet the products never colours all of my hair. I know I should buy two and if I thought my hair was longer than most or thicker than most I would. But it’s average, one pack should be able to cover the average head of hair. If I bought two I would have dye left over. What a waste.

after2  you can see here at the bottom of my hair the colour is not so concentrated, by the time I had just my roots done half the bottle was gone.

I will end on a good note though and that is the conditioner

conditioner I will get about two washer out of this little bottle but my goodness, my hair is so lush afterwards. I wish I could buy this on it’s own. My hair gets really dry and this is amazing. It smells really nice and just leave on the hair for 5 or 10 mins and you will feel the difference instantly.

Over all I give this range and colour a big thumbs up, but I think they are being stingy with the amount of product.


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